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It is unnecessary in most instances to use swear words, even in direct quotes. It is better to leave out or in print leave a blank space.

A growing number of federal and state laws make it illegal to discriminate against a person because of their age, sex, race, health, marital status, sexual preferences or their choice of friends or sexual partners.

Do not refer to any of these aspects unless they are relevant and, even then, one mention is generally sufficient.


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It is not normally appropriate in text and is offensive to many.

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Treat all religions with respect, and avoid any suggestion of giving preference to any religion or denomination. Beware of using terms that link a religion to extremist or stereotyped behaviour.

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Do not make gratuitous references to disabilities.

They should be mentioned only if relevant to the story.

A person is not disabled, they have a disability.

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QUT News

QUT News is currently available on community radio station 4EB, and online and through YouTube .

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QUT Journalism follows the traditional Australian style and spellings – preferring UK English spelling and grammar to American – and uses the Macquarie Dictionary for spelling, taking the first spelling listed.

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Take care with the word “today”, it can lead to confusion.

To report that events in other countries have happened “today” will often be wrong, but to say they happened “yesterday”, while technically correct, will make the story sound out of date.

Never use the word “yesterday” in a lead unless it is relevant

If you must use “today” – and sometimes you have to – never put it at the end of the sentence, leaving the listener or viewer in suspense as they wait to find out when something happened.

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